Episode 1
On Body And Soul

1/10  Starting from the anthropomorphic figures found at the temples of ń†gantija to Caesar Attard's live participation art in the 1970s we try and understand what the The Art of Malta says about who we are today.


The Series


The Art of Malta is a 10-part documentary series about the history of art in Malta explored through different themes and masterworks. Presented by art historian and educator Hilary Spiteri, the series aims at explaining how art, through its various forms, culturally shaped Malta and the Maltese.
The series covers an array of subjects ranging from the joys of life to death and beyond, traditions, artistic patronage, identity and propaganda. Spiteri journeys around the islands and other prominent European cities visiting different museums, places of interest and private homes, exposing a select number of masterpieces done by Maltese or artist that worked on the islands.
Presented by Hilary Spiteri
Produced & Directed by Oliver Mallia
Camera / Lighting by Matthew Muscat Drago & Massimo Denaro
Written by Hilary Spiteri, Oliver Mallia and Rebecca Anastasi
Re-Recording Mixing by Manolito Galea
Graphics & Visual Effects by Andres Algeciras Marquez
A Pellikola Production Supported by Arts Council Malta through the Kultura TV fund.
Episode 4
Death Awaits Us All

4/10  For centuries artists created art to commemorate the deceased as well as art for the living reminding us that death awaits us all. From early rock-cut tombs to modern day monuments, the fourth episode of The Art of Malta recounts the islands' experience of death.
Episode 2
Matters Of The Heart

2/10  Have you ever wondered what love is? Ancient Greeks and The Art of Malta make a great combination to help you understand it.
Episode 3
And Then There Was Light

3/10  From neolithic temples to a protestant cathedral, the Maltese islands are peppered with places dedicated to many gods. Retrace the islands' connection to the divine.