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November 2014


Con gli Occhi del Cuore - Mostra di Illustrazioni. Hilary Spiteri exhibits a series of illustrations publihsed in the poetry book Con gli Occhi del Cuore, written  by Paola Mara de Maestri. The exhibition was held in Regoledo di Cosio Valtellino (So), Italy from 15 November, 2014 until 16 November, 2014.



July 2014


Hilary Spiteri illustrates the poetry book 'Con gli Occhi del Cuore' written by Paola Mara De Maestri and published in Italy. Spiteri produced 10 monochrome illustrations which were inspired form the poetry found in the book. The publication was launched in Malta in July 2014. To purchase book click here.



March 2014


Hilary Spiteri presented a public lecture during MIPP Monthly Talk at Le Meridien Hotel, St Julian's, Malta. Spiteri presented his research on the correlation of Art and Photography from the mid-nineteenth to the twentieth century to a Maltese audience.



January 2014


Hilary Spiteri presented a public lecture during the internationally acclaimed SWPP Convention 2014 at the Hilton Metropole in LONDON. Spiteri conducted a study on the correlation of Art and Photography from the mid-nineteenth to the twentieth century. The paper: The impact of photography and its correlation with artistic advancements: 1838-1970 will duly be published.



April 2013


Hilary Spiteri was featured on TVM 2 cultural programme Wirt, Arti u Kultura produced by Emanuel Cassar. Spiteri was interviewed in his studio in Qormi, Malta. The full version of the the feature is available on Follow the link here.



March 2013


Hilary Spiteri presented a public lecture entitled: The Art and Science of Crucifixion. The lecture presented the theme of crucifixion as one of the main themes recurrent in Catholic Christian  iconography. Spiteri focused on practices of crucifixion which has been documented since the early  decades of our common era. He also shed light on the recent archaeological evidence sheds light  on practices and iconographic references of crucifixion.


Hilary Spiteri performs a public lecture in honour of Maltese Modern artist Esprith Barthet where he had the opportunity to meet the Barthet family. The occasion celebrated the reconsecration of Esprith Barthet's 'Descent form the Cross' painting preserved in the church of Sant Maria degli Angeli in Bahar ic-Caghaq, Malta and its installment in the premises.



February 2013


Hilary Spiteri finishes off the Six Virtues triptych and was set in place at M.U.S.E.U.M. doctrine  premises in Qormi - St. Sebastian. The panels were carried out in oils and represent the six virtues as instructed by slant George Preca, founder of the society.